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Have you checked out Learn Bridge Online yet?

Join my ongoing class Dynamic Defense & Beyond meeting every Tuesday at 10:00am Mountain/12:00 Eastern and watch replays if you cannot attend live.  One week free trial and additional perks are available for subscribers!




Join Dave Harty and me every Saturday evening at 6:30pm MST for our free bridge lesson on BBO (Bridge Base Online).  Not sure how to find us?  Use the contact form and I will email you directions.



Interested in registering for courses/seminars taught previously?

All classes are archived as recordings, including the following:

Full Courses (4 weeks)

Overcalls Complete

Two Over One Game Forcing

Play of the Hand


Devastating Defense

Power Auctions

Matchpoint Mastery

Doubles Revisited

Slam Dancing

*Quintessential Q-Bids

Mini-Courses (2 weeks)

Inverted Minors


Stayman to the Max

New Minor & Fourth Suit Forcing

Modern Losing Trick Count

Game Tries

Balancing Seat Bidding Bonanza

*Jumping Around

*Reading the Tea Leaves (3 weeks; play of the hand)

Individual seminars (Bidding):

When You Should Pass

Showing Shortness

Tolerance Principle

The Last Guess

Seven Deadly Sins of Bridge

The Law of Total Tricks

Jacoby 2NT:  Classic & Modified

Opening Light & Responding to Light Openings (Reverse Drury)

Weak Two Wisdom

Tactical Bids & Sweet Little Lies

Bidding Over the Opponents' Takeout Double

Mixed Raises

NT Defenses and Multi-Landy

Why You Lose at Bridge

Triumph with Two Suiters

Trouble With Redouble?

Fighting Fire with Fire:  Unusual vs. Unusual

Information Leakage

Minor Suit Transfers

Thrive With Six Five

Two-Way New Minor Forcing



Majors vs. NT

Banishing Bad Bidding

Individual seminars (Declarer play):

Let's Make a Deal:  The Principle of Restricted Choice

To Draw or Not to Draw:  Managing Trumps in Suit Contracts

Deception by Declarer


Individual seminars (Defense):

Leading Trump

Defensive Visualization (multiple installments)

Smith Echo

Full courses are $55

Mini-courses are $30

Individual seminars are $15

Use contact form on home page to reach Curt for additional class content information, course syllabi, and registration information.

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