Take your game to the next level

Supervised Play

We typically meet in groups of four to eight people, playing several deals then analyzing and discussing the hands.  Groups may choose to focus on a particular topic (e.g. bidding sequences, declarer play, and defense).  Hands may be shuffled and dealt or pre-duplicated by Curt to emphasize specific techniques.

Online Instruction

One-on-one lessons, partnership consultations, or small group lessons may all be conducted on Bridge Base Online from the comfort of your own home.  These lessons may be supplemented with a phone call or Zoom conference for easier facilitation.  Students may also play sanctioned online sessions with Curt.

Sanctioned Play

For hands-on experience in duplicate bridge competition, Curt is available to play as a partner in tournaments and club games.  We will spend time before the game creating a convention card and Curt will spend time after the session discussing and reviewing hand records of boards played with the student.


You Never Stop Learning

Bridge is a game like no other. Some of the most accomplished players in the world - holding multiple national and world championships - claim that they still have not mastered the game and are always learning, even after decades of being at the top. We get hooked on the game and our appetite for more knowledge is insatiable because there is always more to learn.



Curt Soloff

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